Here we go / by Ankita Dhussa

Note: I initially penned this 'post' in my notebook on my flight from SFO to HKG in mid-August.

It would be an understatement to say I've had a lot of thoughts and feelings the last 6 months since I found out about Fulbright. But now that I'm on the plane from SFO and it's finally happening, all I can think about is how I wish I had said 'rice' instead of 'noodles' when the flight attendant asked me what I wanted with my chicken. Turns out noodles are not United's delicacy. But perhaps the rice wouldn't have been much better.

The bags are all packed, remaining boxes stored (big ups to my sister for keeping all of my belongings for the year), 'see you later's' have been said and Spotify playlists have been created/downloaded.

Here's to the next great adventure and to everyone in India, California, Iowa and elsewhere who helped along the way! Next stop, New Delhi, via a week in Hong Kong.


The face of someone who is catching a flight in less than 12 hours, is tired of packing, has worn the same pants for the last week, and just wants to get on the plane already.

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